New York City Boutique Luxury Hotel, @TheQuinHotel, Launches its Newly Redesigned Penthouse!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to check out The Quin Hotel’s newly redesigned Penthouse! First of all, I had never been to The Quin hotel, which was a real shame because it’s absolutely stunning! It has a fantabulous restaurant, Wayfarer, which I can’t wait to get back to try too. I’ve heard great things. It’s located smack dab in the heart of Midtown right by Central Park and all the iconic stores you can imagine (thing–Bergdorf, Bendel’s and Barney’s!). The rooms for regular folk are stunning and really luxurious. I was shocked to find out that the hotel was only technically a Four Star property because the attention to detail, little touches and state-of-the-art technology makes it really feel like a Five Star. Next time my parents are in town, they’re definitely going to check this place out!

Now, I’m not sure most of us can afford the Penthouse, but if you can it’s pretty “suite” haha, I kill myself. I just wanted to share these photos because it was just so beautiful! I was actually here on assignment for Forbes (my first assignment as their official New York Travel Correspondent–cue applause!). You can check out my inside look at everything the Quin’s New Penthouse has to offer on Forbes but here are some of my favorite photos! This is a great article, you’ll drool when you see what they offer their Penthouse guests!

Welcome cocktails at my new favorite spot in NYC! @thequinhotel in the #QuinPenthouse They tasted as yummy as they looked!!!!
mage by Travelpanties

Terrace Central Park View


1700 PH Main Floor Foyer

1700 PH Master Bathroom

Can you even imagine? Look at that enormous rainshower head? You could get lost under that stream!Hotel-Quin-Terrace_0045

And the views! Breathtaking!

Happy weekend!! Time to cheat on your diet, everyone! Still dreaming about this dessert table at the @thequinhotel in the Penthouse! Everything was styled by @jungleeny who is a decor genius. Penthouse "Sweet" indeed!! Ps everything tastes as good as it l
Image credit: Katie Lara, Travelingpanties

And whatta farewell! Best desserts I’ve ever tasted. I am in the midst of figuring out where they are from because I’ve never tasted anything like them!

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