Enjoy Luxurious Accomodations in Morocco’s Sahara Desert at a Five Star Desert Luxury Camp #Partner

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It seems like I’m on quite the Morocco kick this past month when it comes to Travelingpanties’ partners (check out this fabulous Morocco Tour Group)! As you know, Morocco ranks high on my bucket list. What can I say? Ever since I watched Casablanca, Morocco rocketed pretty high up on my list. My dad toasted “here’s looking at you, kid” to me on my first birthday and that was it. I was hooked. So when Desert Luxury Camp, a luxurious tented camp in the middle of the Sahara desert reached out about a sponsored partnership, I was eager to learn more. After speaking with them, I knew they would be a perfect fit. Luxury is a top priority at Desert Luxury Camp so let me tell you about what they offer.

Best Five Star Tent Morocco

When I spoke with the marketing manager for Desert Luxury Camp, my first concern was about safety–especially because I have never been to Morocco and these days you can’t be too safe. As a female traveler today, I’m sorry but it has to be. Safety first, luxury second, right ladies? First, Desert Luxury Camp comes highly recommended from many of the top Luxury tour companies that use them in Morocco like Wild Morocco, and Desert Majesty (both Lonely Planet recommended tour companies) amongst others. You can also see it has very high ratings on Trip Advisor.


But I dug a little deeper about safety because I’m a “just in case” kind of girl. I like to know safety and health plans “just in case.” I was told by the manager that in case of a medical emergency, there is always 4x4WD on the site so clients can be taken as fast as possible to the doctor or hospital. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes off road driving through the desert dunes and then about 30 minutes to the nearest hospital.  Satisfied, I was ready to learn more about booking a stay at this luxury tented camp nestled in the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi by Merzouga.

Where to Stay Morocco

First, the entire camp is surrounded by sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Its location was chosen away from crowds along a quiet stretch of the Sahara desert. There are six luxury tents in the main camp and two in its private campsite, which gives the illusion of being completely alone in the vast African desert. It sounds like the perfect place to find solitude and peace that only a desert can offer–talk about a digital detox! You are fully surrounded by wind-swept desert dunes–no skyscrapers here. And nothing is more luxurious to me than enjoying the ultimate in comfort in an exotic locale like this one.

Desert Luxury Camp

The spacious tents boast beautiful colors and handcrafted Moroccan furniture along with modern bedding. Each tent has ensuite bathroom facility with running hot and cold water for shower/toilets. The tents are extremely spacious (over 25 sq m) with a king size bed or two single beds. Each bed is laden with beautiful linens and a kilt (a special Moroccan cover). Each tent is carpeted and has full-length mirror, nightstands, ottoman, armchairs and table. All the furniture has been handmade in Morocco.  


And the stay is all inclusive. Get pampered with freshly prepared gourmet Moroccan cuisine full of aromatic spices.  Enjoy many of activities offered by the camp like camel trekking, desert sand boarding and guided walks. Or just relax at the camp in many areas spread around–I am planning to take residence up in that hammock (pictured above). Guests can also take part in the ancient tradition of Sandhamman–a traditional treatment where you’re buried in the warm sand to relieve muscle tension. And there are even more amazing offerings you can check out here.

For dinner, enjoy 3-course traditional dinners in the tented restaurant. After, you’ll enjoy the starry African sky along with campfire and entertainment provided by local Berber guides. The camp becomes lit by many lanterns and truly becomes alive with campfires and music. Enjoy stargazing and the ultimate night out. Staying in the luxury camp seems to me like becoming the sultan from the Arabian nights.


Rooms start at $224 USD per person per night. But for Travelingpanties readers, our partners have graciously offered a 12% discount if you use the code, “Travelingpanties” when booking. Your stay is inclusive of all your meals, non-alcoholic drinks, and the aforementioned activities. Alcohol is not available for purchase, however, Desert Luxury Camp allows guests to bring their own. Children ages 0-7 are free and kids 8-14 are discounted.


For information about booking a stay at Desert Luxury Camp, check out their website. And follow them on Facebook.

FTC Disclosure

I have never been to Luxury Desert Camp and I was given compensation to write this post. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, this is a post for one of our partners. However, these are my honest opinions after extensive research as well as several conversations with the hotel’s management. As always, I encourage my readers to do their due diligence before visiting any country, hotel or restaurant to make sure it is the right place for them. I always believe in being honest with my readers about compensation, it’s why they keep coming back. 


Getting to Desert Luxury Camp

The hotel requires a little bit of a trip to get to as it is in the middle of the desert. Luxury Desert Camp believes the journey getting there is where the magic begins. The drive is a magnificent journey across dramatic scenery. You’ll cross the Atlas Mountains, green oasis of river valleys, deep and colorful gorges.

Many clients come from either Marrakech or Fez. From Fez it is about 7 to 8 hours drive from Marrakech about 9 hours. The camp recommends to split the drive into 2 days. However you plan to arrive, the manager helps organize a safe and easy arrival.

The closest airport to the camp is in Errachidia. There are 3 weekly direct flights from Casablanca and it takes about 2 hours driving from Errachidia to the camp. Clients may also fly here by private plane (and this is the easiest airport to do so at). The other option would be Ouarzazate–there are daily flights from Casablanca and it takes about 5 hours to get to the camp.
Visit the website to learn more.

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