New York City’s Best Brunch: Sadelle’s in Soho for Jewish Favorites like Bagels, Lox and Amazing French Toast

Sadelle’s is the new it place to brunch, if you hadn’t heard. And any true New Yorker knows that brunch is the most important meal of the weekend. I am always on a quest to find the best and most delicious brunches that the New York City has to offer. And trust me, there are more than a few. I definitely think though that Sadelle’s is one of the must try brunch spots.

Best Brunch NYC Sadelles

Sadelle’s is owned by Major Food group, which also owns city faves like Parm, Carbone and Santina. The scene is bustling, with crowds coming in early to get their hands on sticky buns that the New York Times named the number one must try dish of 2015.

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Sadelles Best Bagels Lox New York

Sadelle’s bagels, baked in a giant oven at the heart of the restaurant, come out piping hot and perfect every time. You’ll know they’re coming when you hear waiters roar “Hot bagels!” All at once. Staff pass them around on long sticks before they have a chance to cool. Towers of smoked fish pair perfectly for a traditional New York breakfast of bagels and lox–but taken to a whole new level.

New York Best Brunch Sadelles

The French toast is some of the best I have ever tasted, perfectly crispy on the outside and a doughy, oozing warm center served with raspberry preserves and syrup. This picture doesn’t do it justice!

Sadelles Best Brunch 2016

The iced coffee is outstanding, served with crushed ice filled to the top. Reservations are accepted but if you can’t snag a table you can pop into the front where you can get your hands on plenty of goodies to go like the buns, bagels and smoked fish.

Sadelles New York Where to Eat

Sadelles NYC Best Salad

The chopped salads are humongous and absolutely amazing! They come out undressed but your server will happily mix the chopped amazingness for you!

The matzoh ball soup was also to die for! And don’t forget to try the sticky buns. Put an order in early as they often run out on the weekends.NYC Best Brunch Downtown Sadelles

Can’t wait to go back again soon. Reservations are accepted and I highly recommend it. Sadelle’s serves dinner as well but brunch is where it’s at.

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**I was given a complimentary meal for purposes of this review but as always all opinions herein are my own. Trust me, I am given tons of free things that you never hear about because they don’t have the Travelingpanties WOW factor.

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