The Best Gifts for New Moms-To-Be this Mother’s Day or Anytime!

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s not just for full time mommies! Don’t forget the little Mom-to-Be in your life! She’s turning food into a human life so this is a great opportunity to make her feel extra special! Wink, wink! Here are some products that I have enjoyed personally using throughout the pregnancy so far that will make the perfect gift for your own little mommy-to-be!

Spa Day

What woman isn’t in need of some pampering? Just make sure that wherever you choose offers services that are pregnancy friendly. Essential oils can be a no-no and you want to remember not to book her a service that will raise her core body temperature. Speak to the staff, they should be familiar with something that would fit the bill and make the perfect present for a mom-to-be.

Belly Balm

While this is kind of un-romantic, it’s very thoughtful and useful and can be part of a package filled with other goodies like chocolates perhaps? I recommend purchasing an organic variety. This one by Motherlove or this one by The Honest Company are both great options that I researched extensively and have great healthy ratings on the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) health scale so you can rest easy that your baby isn’t being exposed to any harmful chemicals.
Must Have Pregnancy ProductsMust Have Pregnancy Products

Organic Makeup & Skincare

Pregnancy gives you so many ways to make you feel hideous. And since makeup has so many scary chemicals, splurging on a new healthier lipstick, foundation (hello, pregnancy acne), blush etc. is a worthy purchase. Healthy cosmetics can be every bit as effective as conventional ones. I am obsessed with Vapour Organic Beauty, a leader in innovative, high-performance natural and organic cosmetics. They have some great colors but I can rest easy feeling okay putting it on my skin. I am also really into the Mychelle Skincare line. My skin broke out like crazy and this product seems to be the only thing helping it calm down! It’s a lifesaver and the entire brand is focused on healthy ingredients.
 Organic Pregnancy makeup

Slippers & Adorable Pajamas

Your new little mommy will be at home for a while and fun slippers and pajamas are something she will be able to enjoy on days when she is too exhausted to leave the house.


A cool new pair of shades just in time for summer are perfect for the stylish preggo! Most maternity wear has a limited shelf life, but sunglasses will be something she can continue to enjoy (until your new baby grabs them off her face and throws them on the floor). I personally am obsessed with the Dior So Reals.
 Gifts for Pregnant Women


In the same realm as sunglasses, this summer accessory won’t stop fitting no matter what stage of pregnancy she’s in. Plus, it’s perfect for when she’s having hot flashes or feeling chilly in the summer A/C.

Pregnancy journal

Help your mommy-to-be memorialize this special time in her life with an amazing pregnancy journal. There are an overwhelming amount of options so I recommend heading to an actual bookstore (they still exist I swear) and checking out what type you think she’ll like best. Most of the journals have questions and prompts to help you remember all the fun and exciting times you’re going through together.
 Best Gift Ideas for Pregnant Mom to be


If you don’t have a good camera, now is the time to invest. You want a good camera to snap those priceless first moments with your new little bundle of joy. I am obsessed with my Sony A6000. These mirrorless cameras take excellent, professional quality photos and are really easy to use. It’s perfect because it’s simple enough for novice photographers but professionals can use with other professional lenses as well.
best Gifts for new parents

Maternity Photo Shoot

She may want to remember this special time with a photo keepsake that will last forever. I recommend booking a photo shoot with Flytographer on your babymoon to capture your last trip as just the two of you! Flytographer takes journalistic-style photos so you’ll feel fabulous and chic rather than cheesy! I promise! Here is a shot from my last shoot in Nashville.
 Flytographer Nashville is embarking on the trip of a lifetime–a journey to motherhood! Join her as she quests for all the best things life has to offer.
*I have not received any compensation for this post nor am I associated with any brand mentioned. These are products I have personally researched, purchased and used on my own.

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