UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller Review: Updated 2018

*I was given a complimentary stroller for purposes of a review of the UPPABaby VISTA stroller. However, as always, my opinions are honest and up front, just like my disclosures.*

Hi y’all! I had the baby if you hadn’t noticed from social media, etc! Hooray! I had a relatively drama-free delivery and the little girl is here. She has changed my life for the better in so many ways. When you have a little one you make it your top priority to make sure they have the best baby gear you can find. I went on the hunt for the best stroller for our family. After all, one of the biggest decisions, at least financially, that new parents make around birth is choosing the right stroller. Since your stroller is one of the biggest investments, you’ll want to make sure you pick a good one because it will be around for a while. And that’s why I thought I’d share my thoughts on why I chose the UPPAbaby VISTA in a comprehensive review.

After an insane amount of research (I’m a total type-A maniac if you’re new here), we chose the UPPAbaby VISTA because of its versatility and ability to grow with our family should we decide to do this again (hard to imagine now). I tested countless strollers in stores, at baby shows, you name it. I made it my mission to pick the best stroller out there. And now I’m going to give you a review of the UPPABaby VISTA stroller.

One of the baby shows I attended had a test track with a variety of terrains. I am not proud to admit that I spent hours here weighing my options. The UPPAbaby VISTA stroller is amazing (and that sentiment is double for parents living in a big city). Full disclosure up front though, I am an UPPAbaby ambassador. And I know what you’re thinking, she got this stroller for free of course she’ll say she likes it. But let me tell you, I actually received offers for six other stroller companies but chose to work with UPPAbaby because I did my research first and chose them. Full, full disclosure–if I lived in the suburbs, I would have taken them all and built a stroller garage, but being in the city I am quite limited in space so I had to pick the best stroller for versatility–and that’s what I did. My daughter is now almost two months and we have been extremely happy with our decision in choosing the UPPAbaby VISTA.

Let me take a minute before I delve into my UPPAbaby VISTA review to rave about the UPPAbaby VISTA’s storage that it offers and the fabulous maneuverability it has. I take it around sharp corners, over rough terrain, easily fold it up and compactly store it (another must as a New York City resident).

So, let me break it down for you.


Underneath the seat is a huge bin that you can fill with up to 30 lbs. of stuff (there is a bar in the center so that can limit you from storing certain larger items though this is rarely an issue). I love that I can take the UPPAbaby VISTA on all my errands and stuff it with the spoils of my shopping trip. Most other strollers max out around a 10-pound storage weight limit, so this is a huge advantage for parents who don’t have a car. And speaking of storage, the back of the seat also has a zippered pouch that you can stick keys or other small items in. I love that it zips because you can be sure nothing will fall out. I consistently take the stroller out on errands with me and then spend the entire day out and about. I will go shopping, pick up books and then head to a museum where I stuff my coat underneath as well. It has actually upgraded our museum-going experience because now I’m totally hands-free! haha.img_0168


The rubber wheels are tough as nails so you won’t have any trouble pushing it even over the bumpiest sidewalks. It is seriously impressive at getting around tight corners. It always surprises me. Living in New York City, I don’t have a car, so I basically think of it as my all-day, all-terrain vehicle. We hit the parks, the streets and even the cobblestones—no matter where we go, the wheels are shock-absorbing and feature independent suspension giving my little babe a smooth ride. Independent shocks ensure your child has a smooth and comfortable ride whether traveling down winding paths or over bumpy pavement. The no puncture, foam core rubber wheels guarantee you’ll never be stranded with a flat. The UPPAbaby VISTA is the best stroller despite the fact that it is a little bigger and heavier than other compact strollers out there. I love it because I can use it like a giant purse on wheels that I can take out for the whole day knowing I won’t need to go back home to continually drop off items I pick up along our walk.

uppababy stroller review


The stroller is extremely versatile, so it’s worth the investment. The stroller comes with a bassinet for newborns and a toddler seat and then can accommodate two additional children with additional purchases.  (Holy crap! How could anyone handle two more kids!?) The VISTA Bassinet is suitable from birth up to 20 lbs. and 25” long, or until infant can push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first. The toddler seat is suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs. Sidebar: the bassinet meets ASTM requirements to qualify as an overnight sleeping option and is equipped with ventilation for airflow. If you’re nervous about taking the bassinet out for a walk down busy big-city streets, you can purchase the newborn insert for the toddler seat to get a more secure ride for newborns. I personally couldn’t imagine her bouncing around unsecured in the bassinet but plenty of friends used it and were happy with it. The VISTA also offers many ways to expand for a growing family so you’ll be able to keep it as your family transforms. It has a variety of configurations, maneuvers like a single stroller with the ability to adapt as a family grows.

best stroller review


The UPPAbaby VISTA is extremely easy to open and close, though it does require two hands. I love that it locks automatically when opened and has a stand for propping it up when folded that works great. The unfold is pretty easy as well. Also worth noting that you can fold/unfold with or without the seat attached. Full disclosure, we rarely ever fold it because it’s still a little annoying to deal with every day. We just leave it assembled by the door.


The UPPAbaby VISTA is a bit heavier than other strollers out there, but I think what it offers in terms of storage and ease of use more than make up for it. I find the stroller insanely easy to maneuver as I mentioend. I tried out the UPPAbaby CRUZ as well and was surprised that the VISTA seemed easier to push even though the CRUZ is smaller. The difference is in the wheels, which are a bit better on the VISTA. My only other issue is that the VISTA’s heft isn’t great for getting it on and off public transportation, but it motivates me to walk more.


I am really happy with the fabric and build of the stroller. It’s very durable and clearly well-made. Friends have had the VISTA for years with no tears or rips and minimal wear.


The harness is relatively easy to adjust and all the enclosures click making it known when they are secure. All harnesses on all stroller seats and car seats are difficult to adjust and I understand why but man, they aren’t easy to pull the straps. This one is one of the easier ones I have tried.

Car Seat Adaptability

You can also purchase the MESA car seat to snap into the VISTA stroller base, which is also top rated. However, if you have another car seat, you can purchase adapters and most car seats will easily fit on the VISTA base. In addition to the MESA car seat, we have a CYBEX car seat, which is notorious for being difficult to fit onto other strollers. Lucky for us, it fits relatively easy onto the Maxi Cosi adapter. Though, the MESA does fit much easier.



The stroller comes out of the box with the bassinet, toddler seat with rain cover. It does not come with a rain cover, though, for the bassinet, so I recommend purchasing this in advance if you plan to use the bassinet when you leave the hospital. If you want a cup holder or some sort of organization system, I also recommend purchasing this in advance as well as the stroller doesn’t come with those much-needed accessories.

Also, I am not a fan of UPPAbaby’s cup holder. I went to a store nearby to see if I had set it up incorrectly because  it kept turning upside down. But I was reassured at my assembly skills that this thing is just difficult. However, there will soon be a clip that their Customer Service Team can offer you that prevents tipping (like that time I spilled an entire green smoothie all over myself trying to get into a tiny elevator at Whole Foods). I though would recommend getting this carry-all instead as it won’t stick off the side.

Also, you’ll probably need an infant insert for your stroller if you want to stop using the bassinet before your child has fully outgrown it. I personally wasn’t a fan of the bassinet for city life since when going over bumpy sidewalks (even though it is the smoothest stroller ride I have found) I felt like she got jostled around inside since the bassinet doesn’t have straps to hold them inside. Make sure you put your child in properly (we set it up wrong and ended up having to take it to Giggle to ensure a proper fit.

One last suggestion, get a safety strap for your wrist that goes on the stroller. As a new parent, your first few walks will be terrifying. This made me feel more secure.

A World About the Cruz

After having the stroller now for over a year, I am still in love. It’s durable and still in good condition. I would say that I think that the Cruz is a great option too if you want to save some space in your apartment. It still has plenty of storage. I think I made the right choice for us but I think the Cruz is well-suited for city life, especially if you have limited space.

So go out and buy the UPPABaby VISTA. Please use an affiliate link of mine if you are feeling charitable. I did all this hard work and would really appreciate it.

Also, don’t forget to check out our review of the UPPAbaby MINU stroller, UPPAbaby’s latest mini stroller.


And for good measure, another disclosure: I am an UPPAbaby brand ambassador. I received a free stroller but no additional compensation for this review. If you know me, then you know, you can’t buy the love here. My opinions are always honest (as you can probably tell from my cupholder rant above). This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine. This post contains affiliate links.

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