Really Cool Tech Products for New Moms and Seasoned Mommies Too

*I received complimentary products for purposes of this review. However, as always, my opinions are honest and up front, just like my disclosures.*

Some days I amaze myself at what I am able to do—pumping while cleaning bottles and singing to my baby…other days I look for my phone while I’m talking on it. If you’ve been a new mom before, you know that if there is anything that can alleviate even an iota of stress, it is worth its weight in gold.

The future is here! And no one comes up with smarter smart products than all the brilliant mamas out there! While many of these products aren’t necessary they sure make life as a new mom easier. Here are some cool tech products for moms. I was gifted this product for purposes of this review so I didn’t pay, make of that what you will. My opinions are always honest.

best baby heart rate breathing monitorOwlet

The Owlet is a revolutionary piece of tech and worth every penny of its $249 price tag. It uses pulse oximetry to monitor your baby’s heart rate and will alert you if the child stops breathing. Owlet cleverly created a sock that can stay on your baby’s foot to do the same job as that thing-a-ma-giggy that goes on your finger at the hospital. The sock then pairs with both your smart device and an alarm that you place next to your bed. Each will alert you if anything changes with your baby’s heart or breathing and oxygen rates.

After testing the product for over four months (we still use it every night), I can tell you that there were only a handful of times that the baby has kicked off the monitor or where it went off accidentally. The sock fits comfortably ( it comes with 3 sizes) and can fit easily inside a onesie with feet. This is our preferred method. Monitoring our baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels is invaluable and lets me rest much easier knowing that something is watching over her when I get my much-needed beauty rest. Of course there are the naysayers that say it’s crazy to monitor at this level, but for those of us who gain peace of mind from more information rather than less, I think this gadget is priceless.

Unintentional suffocation is a leading cause of death for children under the age of one in the United States, so of course parents are experiencing restless nights. With the Owlet monitor, parents can rest easier knowing they will be alerted if their baby is in distress.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Order Up! I couldn’t live without my Baby Brezza Formula Pro. I call it our Nespresso machine for baby formula. It measures, dispenses and mixes water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency with the push of a button. You store your water and formula right in the machine (don’t worry it’s air tight to keep everything sterile). All you have to do is choose the amount of formula you want to make (2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 ounces) and voila! On demand, perfectly mixed formula at the prefect temperature. If you’ve ever made a bottle in the middle of the night, you know that the three minutes it takes to warm it seems like an eternity. Fear no more! This gadget is worth its weight in liquid gold. I am also a huge fan of the Baby Brezza Bottle Washer, which makes cleaning bottles at the beginning super easy. It also sterilizes and dries them too.


We lose things, it’s just what new moms do. Make your life easier by purchasing a pack of Tiles. They’re super easy to use, you just stick it in or on whatever you want to be able to find (your purse, phone, stroller) and sync it with your smart device. Then you can make the Tile sound an alert with a push of a button. Put it in your wallet, your purse, wherever! I also stuck one of these into my stroller because you can use GPS just in case someone tried to abscond with it.

4Moms Self-Installing Car Seat

I live in New York City so I was able to avoid using a car seat for many months for one reason—I heard that four out of five car seats aren’t installed correctly. This statistic terrified me. It means that you could have the safest car seat money can buy but if you install it just the tiniest bit incorrectly you may as well not have one. When I heard that 4moms had a car seat that installed itself I looked like a cross between when cartoon characters’ eyes pop out of their heads and when they fall so deeply in love that their ears and eyes explode with hearts.

And the 4Moms Self-Installing Car Seat is just as awesome in real life. The base connects to an app on your smart device that helps adjust and ensure proper settings for everything. Then, even after the car seat is locked and loaded, the app continues to monitor the seat’s position. It will notify you if something goes wrong to ensure a safe ride all the way to your destination. It should be noted though that you need to use the base to gain the benefits of self-installation.

Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer

There is something so barbaric about a rectal thermometer. It not only invokes the ick and ouch factor but it’s such a pain when your little one is squirming to get them undressed and undiapered. This new Withings thermometer (and its sixteen infared sensors) gets an accurate reading in two seconds with a quick swipe across your baby’s forehead. Plus, it’s modern design is so pretty. The Withings thermometer also connects to your smart device so you can keep a log of your baby’s temperatures (as well as other family members too).

Defender Shield

Since our babies are exposed to our phones and smart devices so often, I think it’s important to minimize the radiation and any other harmful electronic emissions when possible. Defender Shield’s claims have been substantiated by independent FCC certified laboratory testing. Its state-of-the-art technology blocks virtually 100% of the full frequency spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the face of your cell phone, tablet or laptop. I love the new wallet case for the iPhone 7!

San Disk Wireless Flash Drive

Us new moms take a picture or two (hundred) every day. It’s terrifying to wonder what will happen with all these memories if something should happen to your phone. I am obsessed with this tiny backup device, which lets you backup your photos without the need for any wires—because when you’re a new mom—the last thing you have time to do is plug in and download photos.


SensePeanut is a line of $29 smart sensors each with their own specific function to monitor. They were designed to be easy to use and affordable so everyday people can enjoy connected technology without a complicated setup or expensive price tag. ThermoPeanut tracks the temperature of any space in a baby’s room and alerts moms when the temperature has gone outside of a desired range. I also use this little gadget in my stroller when we’re outside on cold days, I stick it inside all of her blankets to ensure that she stays warm. There is also GuardPeanut that can be placed on any valuable to provide notifications when an item is tampered with, on the verge of being stolen or moved/opened.  It can be attached to items like a stroller before a trip outside. SensePeanut is launching additional trackers this year including SleepPeanut, which will make sure mom gets a good night’s rest, and MedPeanut, which will make sure the whole family takes their medicine on time. I love these devices because they’re super affordable price tag!


Pixie is a finder solution that actually shows people where their missing items are hiding. Unlike other trackers that use beeps to tell people the general location of an item, Pixie uses augmented reality to show them the exact location of their keys, wallets or remotes – even through walls, drawers and pillows. It is a great tool for saving mom’s time when they are on the go and missing their purse…now if I could just attach one of these to my brain…

The Perfect Baby Food Cooker

There are two amazing baby food cookers that are the top of the line. The Baby Brezza and the Beaba Babycook. They are your one-stop shops for baby food. Each have a few advantages depending on what you’re looking for. The Beaba Babycook steam cooks, purees and heats all in less than 15 minutes. We love that you don’t have to supervise food prep either, it shuts off when it’s done. And since it holds almost 5 cups, you can make large batches all at once to save time in the future. Oh and it has a fabulous one-arm design so you can prep and hold your baby at the same time!

The Baby Brezza is great because it’s a one step process. It steams and then automatically blends foods with the push of a button. In one bowl, it steams and blends, there is no transfer of food in the middle of the process. I also love the glass bowl since it minimizes the contact with plastic. It’s also easy to clean and the bowl and blade are dishwasher safe. I have only had this product a short while but be sure to follow the instructions to clean it properly otherwise we have heard reports that issues can arise. Though of course that is the case with every baby item.


A Smart Breast Pump

We love our Medela Sonata Breast Pump. It’s the first smart pump by Medela. The Medela Sonata has the capability to track milk production and it syncs with your phone, which is excellent for sleep-deprived mommys who can’t remember the last time you fed or pumped. The pump has intuitive controls, it is extrememly comfortable and is also much quieter than previous models. Check out my full review of the Medela Sonata. And we haven’t had a chance to try out the Willow wearable breast pump yet but with no tubes, cords or dangling bottles, we are hoping that by baby number two that this will be available.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check up on my breastfeeding tips for new moms!


Aristotle isn’t on the market yet, but it is available for pre-order. It looks revolutionary and and combines several products into one powerhouse. Well, it actually kind of seems very similar to Echo…but for babies. It does the job of many of new parents’ must-have devices—the HD baby monitor, white-noise machine, Bluetooth speaker, personal assistant and smart light—it rolls all these devices into one!.
*I often receive product samples for purposes of review but have not received any compensation. All my opinions are honest and reflect truthful reviews. I am a new mom and can barely remember what was purchased myself, received as a gift or sent over for review.

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