Buying a Luxury Home in the New York Area? Consider a Home Warranty

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If you are out and about to buy yourself a new piece of property in the New York area you are probably doing something right. A house in New York state costs as much as $300,000 (median) and a condo in New York City is more expensive, per square mile, than any other U.S city. That goes to say that if you are buying a luxurious house or apartment located on a premium piece of property, you are likely to be paying 7-figures.

If you are buying it as an investment, then it’s “always a good investment” but it comes with several reservations, most importantly the cost of upkeep. The rental yield of real estate in the NYC area is at around 2.5% against a national average of 2.91%, and the cost of repairs and maintenance is significantly higher than in other areas. The bottom line is that if you are experiencing unexpected repair costs, your entire profit gets eaten away.

If you are buying real estate in the New York state area in order to reside there or use it as a summer vacation property then, still, the maintenance costs you are likely to pay for it are higher than in other parts of the USA. This may be none of your concern if you are in a position where you are able to spend as much for a home, but it’s still something you have to keep in mind – owning a property in New York is expensive in more than one way.

To mitigate some of these maintenance and repair expenses, you may consider using a home warranty plan. What is it exactly? It gets a repairman for you if one of your home components gets broken, essentially, and replaces it if it cannot be fixed. What does it cost? Top warranty providers in the NY area will charge you anything between $350 and $1,000 based on which components you have at your home, and an additional $50-$100 per service call. That’s not bad at all, in any case you would require expensive repairs on a frequent basis, you are able to save some important cash in the long run.

The tricky part is deciding on the right provider. have rated Choice Home Warranty as #1 in New York for the following reasons:

  1. Large variety of systems and appliances covered in each plan, and you can buy additional coverage for almost any item.
  2. BBB rating B- which is one of the best in this industry.
  3. A large company with a very wide client base, operating in majority of states for 10+ years and connected with tens of thousands of repair persons.
  4. Receiving a quote is absolutely seamless. Quick and easy.

It does not necessarily mean that Choice Home Warranty is the most adequate NY home warranty supplier for your individual needs (or the best company in general), but it does give you a sense of security to know that a serious comparison site has picked it as the top company around. It is recommended you would look into additional reviews and connect the dots yourself with finding the company which you think could serve your needs in the most optimal way. After choosing one or more candidates, all you need to do is get into their website, fill in your details, and get a quote by email or phone within minutes. You will also get a comprehensive Terms and Conditions sheet along with the quote, which you should be inspecting very carefully to make sure the policy is understandable, reasonable and fair.






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