Best Detangling Brush for Kids – Must Have for Moms of Daughters with Long, Thick Hair

If you have kids then you probably dread the insanity that is called a “morning routine.” I have a daughter and one of the most difficult parts of our morning involves me trying to do her hair. She has thick, luscious curls that look like the perfect blowout you’ve always wanted. The problem is that overnight they can turn into a gnarled mess. So when I was offered the Michel Mercier Girlie brush to try out, I jumped on it.

The brushes are available in three color-coded models for fine, normal and thick hair. The colors are fun and bright making my little one excited to brush and she doesn’t fear it like she did the comb. The brush has 244 bristles at different lengths and distances to help detangle without pulling the hair.

We had the opportunity to test the brush and while it’s not perfect–my daughter’s hair as I said is particularly challenging–this brush has definitely improved our morning chaos, taking the battle out. She even likes to brush it herself now.

Anyway, had to share something for other moms who could use something like this to untangle your mornings.

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