Flytographer Review: A Fun Way to Get Fantastic Vacation Photos

Is it just me or do you get super frustrated when you go on vacation and you’re in the most incredible places–the Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat, Big Ben–and you want a picture of you and your loved one together, right? What are your choices? Either you ask a stranger with presumably no photographic talent or you hold your arm out high and attempt to capture the two of you alongside whatever famous landmark is behind you. Well, no more selfies, double chins and chopped off heads! Finally, a fun solution! Hire a photographer to take photos of you on your vacation! Flytographer, a super service connects you with local, talented photographers in over 20 cities (which is growing) around the world to take professional, photojournalistic-style vacation photos of you and your vacation companions–friends, family, whoever!

To me, this is the greatest souvenir I could ask for. I don’t need some stupid trinket that I’ll toss in 2 months, I would much prefer to capture the best part of my vacation–the love and the city–oh and me looking somewhat decent doesn’t hurt either. Finally I can capture the moments of my husband and I having the time of our life!

I had the pleasure of doing a sample shoot in New York City this past weekend, which is my home base. I got to try out the whole process from start to finish just like a real customer would.

So here’s how it goes–first, you fill out a form to book a timeslot through the Flytographer website. You choose your city, location and preferred date/times. You also have the choice to pick from either a 30 minute session (1 neighborhood, 15 photos), a 60 minute session (1-2 neighborhoods, 30 photos) or a 2 hour session (multiple locations, 60 digital photos). Prices are $199, $349 and $549 respectively.

Once Flytographer receives your information they will confirm everything with you via email and finalize the little details (what you’re looking for, where to go if you aren’t familiar with the city, their suggestions, etc.). Then Flytographer will send you over your official SHOOT SCOOP with all the fun details–where, when, your photographer’s name, a photo of her so you’ll recognize her (or him), their cell number, etc.

We chose to do our shoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at an adorable Soda Shoppe down the street. We were offered a complimentary 1 hour shoot to try out the service. I think this was a good amount of time but you have no idea how quickly it goes until you’re there and the minutes just disappear! I would recommend this (which is the most popular package) if you’re looking to have fun and get some great shots but not spend too much. I don’t think that 30 minutes would be long enough for me. I feel like it took us about 20 minutes to really get into it and feel comfortable enough to start having fun. Lauren, our “Flytographer” was fantastic, super sweet girl and funny too. She was great and did her absolute best to make us comfortable. But when you’re not a super model it takes a few minutes to get into the whole process of pretending to be natural while someone shoots your picture.

We took the photos on Sunday evening and had our digital photos sent to us late Monday night! Not bad for turnaround, ehh? They promise to send the images within 4-5 business days but often send much sooner (like here). Oh and did I mention that they send you to a website where you can download your photos easily and quickly and you get to keep all the digitals! That’s huge, guys. Many photographers charge extra–alot extra for digital image files. This way you can make the prints on your own (should you want) at Costco or your local photo shop.

I highly recommend Flytographer’s services and just wait until you see the photos! I couldn’t pick just a few favorites so I posted a whole bunch!!!!! Some are fun, some are silly, some are romantic and my favorites are the photojournalistic shots. Lauren is so talented! If she made us look this good just imagine what she can do for you!

To book your own vacation photography session or to find out more information about where Flytography is available, visit their website.

All photos were taken by Flytographer’s extremely talented photographer, Lauren. I definitely recommend her if you’re doing your photos in New York! What a small world, we both went to University of Michigan! Go Blue! She was so sweet, easy to work with and really made you comfortable and made the entire experience really fun! Check out her blog here.

*To be transparent, the shoot was complimentary so I could do a review for my fab readers. As always you can’t buy the love but y’all know I like to be honest! *

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