Owlet Releases Updated Smart Sock 2 and Connected Care Platform, Plus Why This is My Number One Baby Product

*I was given a complimentary product for purposes of this review. However, as always, my opinions are honest and up front, just like my disclosures.*

If you’re a regular reader, you know my obsession with my daughter’s Owlet. The Owlet is a smart sock that monitors heart rate and breathing. If you haven’t already, you can check out my comprehensive Owlet review. It really gives me peace of mind to rest at night, which is one of the key ingredients to being a good parent. If I don’t get my beauty rest, I am not at my best for my daughter.

I am excited to announce that since Owlet found out about my love for the product they have shared some exciting news with me to pass on. In addition to updating the sock itself, they are releasing Owlet Smart Sock 2!

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Review

The Smart Sock 2 itself features improved bluetooth range, now allows up to 100 feet between the Sock and Base Station, meaning Mom and Dad can keep the Base Station on their night stand or closer to their room; a convenience enhancement from the original Smart Sock! This is really huge because now we know that we will hear it if an alarm goes off, alleviating one more worry.

The updated Sock also has an innovative new, more secure design. The sock fits more comfortably, and is way less likely to fall off. Easier, more intuitive sock placement, means fewer false notifications due to poor sensor placements. The updated Sock can now be worn on both feet, allowing parents to alternate as needed. The material is even softer, with breathable toes for added comfort and fit. The previous sock went around baby’s toesies and now they are able to wiggle freely, which we love.

Owlet also will be launching the Connected Care platform (the app) that will give parents more empowerment than ever, allowing parents to view trends and use the insights to be proactive about their infant’s health; making decisions based on trends and data, as well as charting a course for development. The beta version of Connected Care will be available this spring, and every Owlet Smart Sock 2 purchased between now and June comes with a free subscription to Connected Care (once available to the public).

Owlet prides itself on its low rates of false notifications with its Smart Sock, but continues to make advancements in firmware and hardware to reduce false notifications even further. The companion Owlet Baby Care app also improves the user experience — the Owlet is designed to fit parents’ lifestyle and preferences, and I know if you’re anything like us, you love to be able to check in on your little one from your smartphone.

I was given a product sample for review purposes of the new sock (haven’t tried out the updated app since it hasn’t been released) but being able to move the base station all the way to our room is a huge bonus. I used to still worry at night that I wouldn’t hear the alarm go off. Even though it’s loud, since we live in the city we have grown accustomed to a certain level of noise. In reality, we would have definitely heard it but having it on my nightstand gives me that peace of mind. The new sock design is also great because it doesn’t leave any red marks on the foot (which did happen on occasion with the original design). We also like that we can switch the monitor between feet.

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