My New Favorite Restaurant: Review of Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles

When I was in Los Angeles I asked the concierge at the Four Seasons a somewhat embarrassing question, “Where should my friend and I go to see celebrities?” I asked this hideous question because I wanted to know what the trendiest spots were. I was only in LA for a couple nights so I had to make the most of them. Our concierge recommended Boa Steakhouse. I figured he knew the best spot so we immediately made a reservation.

I got all dolled up in as “LA” of an outfit as I could scrounge up from my New York wardrobe and we grabbed a taxi from the hotel. As soon as we stepped out of our car outside the restaurant, the paparazzi began flashing dozens of photos per second in our direction. “Are they taking those of us?” I asked my friend who I could barely see due to the blinding flashes. Yep, they were! Guess they figure anyone could be someone they don’t know and better safe than sorry. Unfortunately for them, we were LA nobodies.

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We arrived at the restaurant and were seated in a lovely corner table outside. This steakhouse was anything but traditional. The patio outside has a modern vibe with avant-garde touches all over. It’s clear as soon as you sit down that Boa has mastered not only the steakhouse cuisine but the art of the perfect social scene–and what a scene it was. I was clear about my order: one prime cut of meat with a large side of LA nightlife! Perfect.

I started off with a Strawberry balsamic martini, which was amazing–the perfect balance of sweet and sour. I actually included this in my “Favorite Drinks Roundup” last week. It’s so unique, their bartender is a genius–I must find out the recipe. And then it was time for the food. We started off with the Goat Cheese baklava and a Caesar salad. The goat cheese baklava was very original, it contained truffles, pistachios and frisee. I highly recommend this. The real standout though was the Caesar salad, which is made tableside. When I was told to order this I have to admit I wasn’t all that excited. Afterall, how many memorable Caesar salads have you tasted? But this one is an exception it is truly incredible. You can even customize it to taste–add extra garlic, spice or anchovies. Wonderful.

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For the main course I ordered the bone-in filet. They really push the rib-eye and I’m sure it’s great but Filet is always my fave so I couldn’t resist. Although the steak was simply prepared, our waiter brought us out the most indulgent plate of sauces I had ever seen to go along with our steak (he was a great server, my friend and I couldn’t decide which to order so this was the solution!) Our side dishes were wonderful too, we ordered the brussel sprouts, which were prepared lyonnaise style, the chipotle lime corn and the truffle cheese fries. The only one I didn’t love were the cheese fries, they were a little cold and just not as spectacular as the rest of the dishes. However, to be fair, our waiter had told us that it wasn’t a standout dish.

For dessert we shared a s’more something, which I can’t remember exactly what it was. It was incredible. I highly recommend a visit to Boa Steakhouse for a stereotypical LA evening out (in a good way). They nail the perfect LA steakhouse on the head. This will be a place I return to each time I am in Los Angeles for sure.

For more information visit Boa Steakhouse online.

9200 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 310.278.2050

101 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401310.899.4466

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