A Review of British Airways’ New Dreamliner A380, Traveling One on One with a 10 Year-Old and a Review of London’s Bloomsbury Hotel

Fall is flying by and the Luxury Travel Blog Network has been whizzing around the world! Come on a journey with me around the web with my favorite ladies of the Luxury Travel Blog Network pals–experts in all things luxury! Reading each of their stories always gives me a big case of the travel bug!

First, get ready for a wild ride as Mrs. O Around the World takes us on British Airways’ New A380. She rode World Traveler Plus (Premium Economy) on this two-floor monster plane. There were plenty of cocktails (of course) and even noise-canceling headphones offered to passengers on this level (among other things). Read her comprehensive review and find out from a true luxury connoisseur if you should book these seats on your next flight. Are the seats comfortable? What was the entertainment like? Is it worth the upgrade from Coach? I always trust Ana’s opinion about travel–no one travels more frequently or in more style than she does!

Next, Luxury Travel Mom lets you know about an awesome tradition she has in her family–each time one of her children turns 10, she takes them on a special trip–alone, just with Mommy! How’s that for some QT! And want to know how she gets her kids out of school? Read her article to find out the secret. For her last trip, Kim-Marie took her son Keaton to Hawaii! Happy Birthday, indeed! Find out what they did that had her son telling her that they make each other’s wishes come true!

And last but not least, has a great review of The Bloomsbury Hotel in London. Find out what famous literary guests stayed at this great boutique hotel (besides Nadine of course!). And catch a glimpse at its over-the-top luxurious bathroom!

Also don’t forget to check out Nadine Jolie and I living it up in Disney World! We had a chance to stay at Disney’s newest luxury hotel property, the Villas at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa as well as check out the Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney World Resort.

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