2014 Travel Trends, Luxury Travel Ideas to Kingston-Upon-Thames, the Maldives and California

April flew by, thank goodness! Do you know that New York had it’s 10th rainiest day ever the other day? Yeah, well as if we didn’t get it bad enough this winter, there was that. But now it’s Spring and the sun is shining. I guess it’s true what they say, April showers bring May flowers!

My April was pretty calm after a fun and exciting March where I got to travel to London, Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon in Great Britain. So I had to get my kicks following my ladies–and of course our token gentlemen and their fab destinations!

First up, in keeping with my Great Britain theme, Paul from A Luxury Travel Blog headed to Kingston-Upon-the-Thames where he found a fabulous luxury apartment rental, five star cuisine and entertainment to boot! I’m so homesick for Great Britain right now, I’ll have to add this to my list of places to see when I return!

Luxury Apartment Rentals Great Britain

Next up, Kim-Marie from Luxury Travel Mom penned a fab article about Travel Trends in the market right now. She checked in with travel guru Wendy Perrin and got her perspective. It’s a super interesting piece, I highly recommend it!

Luxury Travel Mom Kim Marie

Nadine Jolie visited the iconic Rancho Valencia in sunny California (I’m headed there next week to see her! Yay!!). This place looks absolutely gorgeous. Note to self, see the spa and make a reservation, pronto!

And last but certainly NOT least, Mrs. O Around the World had her birthday MONTH. Yeah, that’s how she rolls. To celebrate she visited The Maldives–and Dubai and Paris. Not bad for a birthday, huh? Anyway, her post about her Luxe Stay to the Maldives will bring you to tears it’s so gorgeous.

Be sure to check back every month when The Luxury Travel Blog Network brings you all the best in Luxury Travel!

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