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Best NYC Upper West Side Eats: Brunch Edition: Popover Cafe!
Upper West Side family favorite is shabby-chic and filled with teddy bears and love.Lots of families and friends meeting and catching up over eggs. You can even get a little tipsy with a cutely named beverage or as they call it a “Pop-tail” Famous for its popovers that you
Top 10 Ten Reasons Aroma Espresso Bar is Better than Starbucks
This is our new favorite spot and here’s why… 1. The Aroma on the Upper West Side has outdoor seating as well as indoor seating. 2. Aroma’s bathrooms are immaculate unlike Starbucks’, which have become synonymous with homeless shelters… 3. Aroma’s food is spectacular and high quality. 4. Aroma’s
Restaurant Review for Cafe Luxembourg
Yum Yum Yum! It’s a little pricey but everything we ordered was yummy. This is right across the street from my boyfriend’s apartment so I hadn’t tried it yet. It seemed like, if we were going to go out we wanted to travel further than across the street. If