Top Ten Picks for Best Luxurious Romantic Winter Getaways

I’m a big believer that you can truly turn any trip to any destination into a romantic one! It’s all about making the moments special! Trust these Travelingpanties, we get around. With the freezing cold weather, Valentine’s Day on the horizon and with #SNOWMAGEDDON on everyone’s minds, I figured what better time than now to talk about some of my favorite romantic getaways! It’s an aspirational kinda day, okay? That said, New York City is truly one of the most romantic spots in the entire world so let’s just get that one outta the way!

Valentines Day New York

New York City

I may be partial to New York City but it’s truly one of the best cities in the world! There are world-class museums, restaurants, shops and of course Broadway shows! You can have a great time on a small budget or if you’re looking to be uber romantic then the sky is the limit! If you’re feeling extremely adventurous in the spending department we recommend trying to book the Ty Warner Suite at the Four Seasons New York! But whatever your budget there’s no shortage of things to do. Here’s just a sampling! A quick site search will find you plenty more. Here are the Top 10 Things Tourists Must See in NYC, the Top 10 Things to Do in NYC That Locals LoveBars to Cozy Up to and Get Romantic In and of course, those Essential Food Experiences in New York City that your trip won’t be complete without!

best things to see antigua


The Caribbean is never a hard sell and nothing is more romantic than actually having time to unwind and relax together–while wearing a teenie bikini of course. Antigua is one of my favorite islands because of the people and also its azure, clear seas, naturally. I stayed at the Carlisle Bay Hotel and still just can’t get over how amazing it was. My room was about 20 steps from the ocean. That is not an exaggeration. The snorkeling there was divine, too! Oh, and the resort was fabulous because they divided the property in two with children on one side and adults on the other. They even have special hours for families who want to dine so they don’t bug the grown ups. Gosh, I’m mean, huh? But that was truly a luxury! That and the sunset yoga class on the pier, the amazing restaurants and the passed treats on the beach! Absolute heaven. Here’s my advice to have The Perfect Luxury Escape to Antigua.

where to go st barth luxury vacation

St. Barth

St. Barth has an entirely different vibe than most other Caribbean islands. Instead of the typical laid-back privacy most islands boast about, it’s super chic and sceney and the crowd is overwhelmingly European. Pretty much everyone is too cool for school, but without trying. The women there seem to have nailed beachy waves and sunkissed skin but as if it all happened by accident. But that’s exactly what I wanted out of my trip. I wanted to sip champagne by the ocean, go to white dance parties and stay up past my bed time. There are so many fabulous clubs and of course fabulous shops–not that most of us can even afford a fraction of what they sell. But that’s St. Barth. And if you can make it happen, its beaches are some of my favorite in the world. I stayed at Tom Beach Hotel, which is just down the beach from Eden Roc and Nikki Beach. I savored every minute of my stay–literally woke up at 6am the morning we left just to wade in the bathtub water that was our beach. It was fantastic. Here is my advice for the Perfect Luxury Escape to St. Barth: What to Do, Where to Stay. Then I’ve compiled a bunch of my favorite restaurants Where to Eat in St. Barth. And definitely check out the value luxury property I stayed at and see my Review of Tom Beach Hotel, Laid Back Luxury.

Best Five Star Luxury Hotel Four Seasons Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’re ready to go really exotic, there is nowhere better than Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are tons of fabulous things to do and of course the Four Seasons, Chiang Mai is incredible. We had a waterfall just outside of our back deck. The property is situated on a working rice paddy. The spa is incredible. And we did an amazingly romantic cooking class together. Seeing a man help in the kitchen always does it for me! But when you’re not cooking there are amazing restaurants in Chiang Mai to try!

Four Seasons Nevis Where to Stay


Nevis is such a beautiful and remote escape, perfect for couples looking for secluded romance. Everything about the island is so peaceful–the people, the waves, the ambiance. One of my favorite things about the island is how eco-friendly and in touch with nature it is. Everything from its spa treatments to the cocktails embraces the earth and everything that comes from it. Local ingredients like Nevisian honey can be found in anything. You can visit local farms and learn about how the organic ingredients are grown. A trip here will have you feeling at peace in no time. The Four Seasons, Nevis is possibly the most quintessential Caribbean getaway for celebs–and who can blame them! I even made this sweet video to showcase it! Find out my picks for best things to see and do in Nevis!

Best Five Star Luxury Hotel Nevis

Cedrics Paris


If you’re looking for an urban escape, there is nowhere more romantic than Paris. What is there to say about the city of love that you don’t already know? Of course there are restaurants that are out of this world and museums with some of the best artwork in the universe, but my personal favorite part of Paris if you’re looking for romance is just wandering the streets and stumbling into tiny cafes and sipping wine, sampling cheese and baguettes. Cozying up in cafes is certainly a favorite pastime of mine. I also highly recommend doing a romantic night tour with Cedric. He shows you a side of the city of light that only comes to life after dark!

Cedrics Paris Tour City of Lights

Not completely satisfied yet? I created a list of the 10 Best Things to Do in Paris that Tourists Often Miss and also the 10 Best Food Experiences in Paris and Where to Have Them. So you’re welcome. Oh and also an inside look at possibly the best restaurant I’ve ever been to: A Visit to Le Cinq at the Four Seasons George V: Best Restaurant Ever.

Le Cinq Best Restaurants in Paris

Bruges Canal Thins to See


Bruges is small but mighty! While beer, chocolate and waffle sampling may not sound like the most romantic thing in the world, I can assure you that it is. Bruges is the quintessential European city. Quaint and extremely walkable. Its canals are lovely and picturesque. Did I mention the brewery? Or the dozens of chocolate shops that handcraft every morsel? And all the amazing Belgian beer? And the waffles? And there are even romantic restaurants to boot! It might be a little chilly in the winter but there are plenty of places to warm up by a cozy fire.

Check out how to have the Perfect Luxury Trip to Bruges, Belgium. Everything from where to stay, eat and enjoy!

Best South Africa Luxury Hotels on Budget

South Africa

Even though it’s at the end of my list, South Africa is probably at the top of my list for romantic getaways! Check out how to plan the Perfect Luxury Getaway to South Africa. Yes, the entire country! Okay well I only had a chance to visit Kruger Park, Cape Town and wine country but I would recommend each one of them. Safari is absolutely the most romantic experience I have ever had in my entire life. Something about being so at one with nature and watching the sunrise and sunset each day together was simply magical.  Here is some advice for Planning an African Safari: Things You Should Know and What to Pack. Then you can also get an inside look at three of the most romantic hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure to stay at: Royal Malewane, Tintswalo Safari and Singita Lebombo.

Must Bring Items Africa Safari

Cape Town of course has the Five Star elegance and charm of a major metropolitan city. The cuisine there was to die for! And then there is wine country, I mean take Napa and multiply it by a million and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. Not to mention it’s home to La Residence, which is ranked #1 Hotel in the world.

best hotel in the world

Four Seasons Buenos Aires Best Luxury Five Star Hotels Resorts

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is filled with passion and romance. It’s bursting from everywhere–the restaurants, the tango clubs and the hotels. Buenos Aires has tons of luxe options for travelers like The Four Seasons, Buenos Aires and The Alvear Palace, each of which offers a unique take on South American luxury. There are tons of amazing museums and sights to see. Here is my list of the Best Things to do in Buenos Aires and the Best restaurants in Buenos Aires. Or you can just look at some of my fab (if I do say so myself) photos. And while you’re in town you also must make your way out to an Estancia. This one is my top pick!

Carmelo, Uruguay

Carmelo is the sleepiest little town that ever was. Truth be told when I was there there isn’t much to even do. But that’s sort of the point. I stayed at the Four Seasons, Uruguay and found a tiny slice of heaven. It’s rustic cabin in the woods meets Five Star everything. They sent us off to Finca Narbona one night, one of the oldest establishments in Uruguay and to this day it remains to be the most romantic meal of my entire life. The grounds are astoundingly beautiful. Trust me on this one. Oh and you’re not far from the town of Colonia. And did I mention this is all just a 45-minute ferry ride from Buenos Aires?


And if you want to make the memories of your romantic getaway last, be sure to hire Flytographer–my favorite vacation photographers! Professional photos are truly the best souvenir ever. There are photographers in most major cities now!

Where are your favorite romantic getaways? Let us know in the comments! I need some food for thought!

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